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The SwitchdOn Vision

SwitchdOn is a technology lifestyle company that amalgamates the latest technology with every sphere of everyday life.
We aim to create a lifestyle that is productive, intuitive and enjoyable.  Our vision is to help you switch from doing things ordinarily to existing vividly, loudly and boldly.
Our dedicated research and development teams push the boundaries of technological innovation forging the path to a digital era. Holding in excess of 5 sole design patents we create, innovate and produce lifestyle items that accommodate digital integration into our normal daily tasks, helping us achieve more every minute, every day and every step of the way. Superior quality and proud workmanship coupled with professional after sales services of dedicated staff will ensure you always stay SwitchdOn. Our current product range include Solar PowerBanks (SolarOn) , Bluetooth Speakers (iBomb) , Bluetooth Receiver/Transmitter (StreamOn) , Bluetooth Earphones (HeadOn) & Africa's first Wi-Fi Handheld Projector (ProjectorOn)


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only R599
SolarOn 10000
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from R349
Bluetooth Adaptors
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only R379
SolarOn 5000
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Only R3999

Handheld Wi-Fi Projector
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iBomb Premium Speaker

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HeadOn Bluetooth Earphones

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iBomb Thunderball Speaker


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