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Turbo Gold TRX570 iBomb Turbo is our premium speaker range with outstanding sound and superb design and workmanship. .. Product #: TRX570GD based on 0 Reviews Regular price: $749.00 $749.00 In Stock

iBomb Turbo Gold

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iBomb Turbo TRX570 Gold

Pump up the volume 

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The SwitchdOn iBomb Turbo is our answer to portable home theatre sound. Combining resonant suspension system technology within an arc chamber, it delivers truly amazing sound quality and volume. With almost twice the volume capability of similar portable speakers, it has an amazing ability to handle low frequencies with impeccable control whilst minimising distortion.This product is a must-have for the discerning sound lover. Seamless Bluetooth Integration allows you to stream audio anywhere, anytime and always have your favourite tunes with you. All these features are beautifully enveloped in a metallic molding with a tastefully distinguished color palette. This product is set to impress and comes with the peace of mind of a 1-year warranty.

Prepare to be blown away!

At a glance:

Sleek Arc Metal Design

Low Frequency Resonant suspension system 

Bluetooth / Micro SD Memory Card Support 

Built In microphone 

5W RMS power output 

Color Option – Gold 


Product Size:  77mm x 77mm x 61mm

Battery:Lithium polymer battery of 800mAh 

Speaker:52mm, 5w RMS 

S/N > 95db 

Function:Bluetooth/NFC/Micro SD Card/Microphone 

Colour : Gold 

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